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Re: Full story for Bryan Singer's planned SUPERMAN RETURNS sequel reve

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How was Superman at all EMO in "Superman Returns"? I hate the phrase EMO tossed around as a term for emotional turmoil, just because a character is going through emotional turmoil doesn't mean he or she is EMO. Superman had returned from a five year hiatus in space searching for remnants of his home world (he had no idea that he was actually tricked by Luthor in this case) and was having difficultly dealing with all the change that had gone on during his absence.
That tool Odysseus sure was awful emo about getting home, right?

Anyway, Superman Returns is a flawed but pretty great movie. I mean, did you people see Spacey's Lex Luthor? Or does the rage about Superman daring to have premarital sex (and then daring to feel sad about how he's missed much of his kid's childhood) blind you to how awesome much of the film, especially Spacey, was?

And I say this even though the Evil Real Estate Developer is my least favorite Lex incarnation of them all, and in full recognition that a Byrne's Man of Steel-esque Spacey-portrayed Luthor was a missed opportunity of cosmic proportions.

Oh, and as for how "visually interesting" the Donner movies are, did Superman or Superman II have Clark getting shot in his invulnerable eye? No, they did not.

Re: Snyder. Snyder is the best comic book adaptation director there ever was, and likely ever will be. He's actually rather spectacular. Yes, he's a little too much in love with manipulating the flow of time, but that's okay, so are comics. But, actually, you know, he'd be God's own choice for a Flash film.

Snaploud wrote:
It's an interesting idea, but this outline indicates a severe lack of philosophical pay-off. The whole discussion gets thrown under the bus once it's revealed that it's all leading to a computer wiping out the planet.
Have to say I agree here. It's almost the exact plot from Alex Ross' entertaining but empty waste of time, Justice. I mean, it even shares the same master villain.

On the other hand, after Squadron Supreme, Infinite Crisis, and the five billion other stories that employ the trope, I'm tired of the superhero genre telling me that proactive superheroism is the most profound evil in the universe. Close the hibernacles? Man, fuck you, Nighthawk, what do you have against life extension?

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