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Re: Full story for Bryan Singer's planned SUPERMAN RETURNS sequel reve

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Personally I think Zack Snyder's a poor choice for Superman. He's too much about style over substance, and his stuff seems to emphasize violence and machismo. His imagery is too artificial, too detached from reality, and that's the wrong direction to go if you want to sell a fantasy character like Superman to a general audience. (Which is why I'm disappointed that Christopher Nolan isn't directing it himself.)
I agree completely. However, he's going to make a considerably more mainstream film, with big, grandiose action sequences that will most likely visually excite regular audiences, so I see Snyder's film being embraced by erudite Superman and comic-book fans and regular audiences more openly.

History is probably repeating itself, in a less obvious way, and in different circumstances. Ang Lee made the very cerebral and thoughtful Hulk, which was deemed too intelligent by either audiences or studio executives (or both), and what came after as a result was a dumbed down version that relied more on action sequences and a relentless pacing than focusing on an actual story (The Incredible Hulk). Now, I actually liked The Incredible Hulk, but I think I would have liked it a lot more had it retained the 30 minutes of deleted footage that judging by the script would have focused more on characterization.

Going by Snyder's not-so-impressive litany of work, I see him going for something far more visual and stylistic than anything with a meaningful or insightful story. However, I would love to be proven wrong. Perhaps David Goyer's script and Christopher Nolan's input was substantial enough to affect the outcome of the story, but at this point I'm not convinced. Hopefully Snyder can make an entertaining film that balances story, character and action, but based on his previous works, I'm not exactly instilled with the utmost confidence.

Audiences wanted more of Superman punching things, just like they wanted the Hulk to smash things more, and that's exactly what they are going to get. Let's hope story and character, like it was with the Hulk, is not sacrificed with Superman.
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