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Re: Spider-Man movie (casting, rumors, pix till release)

Honestly, one of my only reasons why I'm excited for this project, as someone who loved the Raimi films (at least the first two) is the creative team behind and in front of the camera. Marc Webb proved with one single film a type of creative spark that I can't wait to see applied to a big summer blockbuster. James Vanderbilt wrote one of the most complex crime stories ever told on celluloid, Zodiac.

After seeing his performance in The Social Network, I'm totally convinced Andrew Garfield is a superb actor who will do a terrific job in the role. Also, Emma Stone is a great up-and-coming actress who has proved with supporting roles in Superbad and leading roles in Easy A that she has the sparky wit and intelligence of someone beyond your typical, average young love interest.

Because of those reasons, and because of a new, exciting take on the Spider-Man mythology, I'm excited for this particular film. I would have preferred to have seen Sam Raimi's fourth film, but then again, he had three movies and perhaps it's time for something new and fresh. I'm open-minded and optimistic.
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