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Re: Full story for Bryan Singer's planned SUPERMAN RETURNS sequel reve

Up until the point where Superman realizes that Brainiac then destroys those worlds he helped improve i thought it was a good story but for what reason does Brainiac destroy these worlds?

It absolutely makes no sense other than "it's just evil and evil people do evil and illogical things just because..". Is Brainiac then trying to make himself the dictator of these worlds and they resist or what?
Huge plothole and it would have been potentially ruining the whole movie if it were made.

But the dumbest thing is that Brainiac somehow matures Jason in minutes (can't be longer for Superman to find out what happened after the destruction of the ship). Even if it were hours or days it still is a major, stupid decision just so the producers can avoid Superman beating up a kid (even if it's superpowered and possessed).

I know it's just a summary and some details may have been left out but it could have been a good story if they filled in the holes.

Now however we have one of the best current director/writer teamups doing a new Superman movie and if the Batman movies were any indication we're in for a hell of a ride. I have absolute faith in Nolan and to this date i have really liked every movie of his (though they give me headaches sometimes trying to figure them out.. especially The Prestige and Inception) so them making Superman is one of the best reason to see it next year (can't believe it'll be there in about exactly one year.. i'm right about Christmas '11 as a release date am i?)
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