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They'll release on time, because the video game industry is a business and taking more time costs more money.
Mass Effect 2 was pushed back from Q4 2009 to Q1 2010, and quite a few games get pushed back in there development. I don't know how Bioware manage to make 3 games at once (ME 3, DO 2 & SW:TOR) there gods among nerds

TBH after how well ME 2 did in a post Christmas slot to avoid games like COD, Uncharted 2 & Creed 2 am surprised they want to put it up against would could be a similar lineup but with another big RPG thrown in "Elder V".

I see Elder V being pushed back because its one of those games, which end up too big for its own good and I do fear a buggy launch.

Sparky wrote: View Post
I wish more companies were like Valve. Release the thing when it is ready.
Rockstar is another who seem to like to take their time, I remember when people were saying Red Dead Redemption would not make a large profit, boy were they wrong. There also saying the same about LA Noire...

Rockstar = Great quality and $$$...same with Valve, people should learn from them.
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