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Re: Typhon Pact: Seize The Fire review thread

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lol, ok it was insulting. I wanted to get under the writers skin,especially those that read these board in order to goad them into putting more effort into these trek novels.
... I beg your pardon, but how could you possibly think that someone who takes months and months out of his life to write an entire novel could possibly not be putting effort into that book?

I mean, hell, it took me a month and a half to research and write a 30-page college paper about factual events. I can't even imagine how difficult plotting out and writing a fiction novel must be.

(to the Trek lit writers & their future novels) Show me and everyone else if you can create a Trek novel worthy of a Hugo or Nebula award ... or are you just another pulp fiction writer working on your 40th novel?
Why, exactly, do they have to justify any damn thing to you? I mean, I'm sorry, but who the hell are you?

There are a lot of Star Trek novels. Some are better than others. Some are experimenting and succeed; some are experimenting and fail. But to try to claim that a given Trek novel is somehow inferior just because it isn't doing a Great Big Epic Crossover like Destiny is just silly. That's not the only kind of story worth telling.

I mean, the universe isn't fundamentally shaken by the events of Articles of the Federation, but that's easily one of the greatest Star Trek novels out there. The Never-Ending Sacrifice is just the life story of one guy living on Cardassia, but it's an absolutely amazing novel. Etc.

And I should think that the work being done in Typhon Pact -- exploring, in-depth, alien cultures as they undergo fundamental socio-political changes -- would almost certainly be regarded as in the best tradition of Hugo- and Nebula-award winning science fiction novels.
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