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Re: Full story for Bryan Singer's planned SUPERMAN RETURNS sequel reve

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I have no problem taking a similar 'pick and choose' approach with Superman. Indeed, I find it hard to understand how those who read comics, with their ever changing continuity and backstory, can't approach movies with the same attitude.
Well, that's what I wanted -- something that was set in a different continuity from what's come before, like The Man of Steel or Birthright or All-Star Superman.

Bryan Singer did a great job creating an original, distinctive take on the X-Men. So I wanted to see Bryan Singer's Superman, not Bryan Singer's fanboy love letter to Richard Donner's Superman. If I'd wanted another film in the Donner continuity, Singer's not the one I would've wanted to make it, since his style is a total mismatch. His take was too solemn and subdued, so it didn't feel like a valid continuation of Donner's more lively approach. It just felt like an inadequate imitation.
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