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Re: Full story for Bryan Singer's planned SUPERMAN RETURNS sequel reve

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I thought we were discussing the issue which was how Superman was EMO? I still think it was completely justified within the logic of the film that Clark acted in the manner that he did. I am being dismissive of the notion of people who don't like that particular scene are so obsessive of it in their relating why they didn't like the movie. Just because "he's Superman" is not a valid reason for him to not be allowed to find it difficult to adapt to change...he was raised as a human too and still possesses human feelings. I was really responding to the use of the word EMO to describe his emotional state in the film.
Obviously I can't speak for everybody but, for my money, Superman acting extremely out of character, moping around, feeling like no one earth understands him and stalking his ex is why people call him "emo."
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