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Re: Typhon Pact: Seize The Fire review thread

To each his own I guess.

I understand having to cover the consequences but really is it necessary to have 4(?) typhon pact books to just cover the consequences of the destiny novels?, which seize the fire did not even remotely cover. One book could have fulfilled that criteria.

Perhaps I was just hoping for more. The Destiny novels plot was great in comparison to the hundreds of other star trek novels out there and it appears that the sequels (or at least the current ones) will just be another set of books amidst the hundreds of other Trek books.

Its a shame 'cause I'm a huge trek fan and mediocre trek books in comparison to other sci-fi novels are great in my eyes and the Destiny novels and its sequels had such great potential. Like the old saying quality over quantity , I would very much prefer a set of great novels than have hundreds of mediocre to sub-par Trek novels anyday. I will bluntly say the reason for this is cause these trek authors are merely in it for the money than for the love of Star trek or the love of creating a great sci-fi novel.

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