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Re: Full story for Bryan Singer's planned SUPERMAN RETURNS sequel reve

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How was Superman at all EMO in "Superman Returns"? I hate the phrase EMO tossed around as a term for emotional turmoil, just because a character is going through emotional turmoil doesn't mean he or she is EMO. Superman had returned from a five year hiatus in space searching for remnants of his home world (he had no idea that he was actually tricked by Luthor in this case) and was having difficultly dealing with all the change that had gone on during his absence.
He's Superman. He's not supposed to be having difficulty dealing with change.

Furthermore, Singer couldn't have it both ways. He decided he wanted to do a sequel to Superman II. Okay, fair enough.

But Superman II ended with Superman, having tried to abandon his role as earth's protector [for personal reasons] and seeing the world almost destroyed, promising the president (standing in for pretty much everyone on earth) "I'll never leave you again." Cue the John Williams music.

So...what does Singer do for his sequel to the above film?

He has a backstory in which Superman almost immediately abandoned his role as earth's protector for personal reasons again!!!

And this time for five years.

Then, when he gets back, and sees Lois (who he abandoned after causing her to lose her memory [supposedly because of his job as earth's protector]) is in a mature relationship with a good man what does Superman--earth's greatest hero...a man who never thinks of himself but only of others--do?

Does he quickly realize that he abandoned her and accept she's moved on?

Does he immerse himself in his "work," trying to forget her by plunging head on into helping people (ie, what Superman does)?


He uses his powers to spy on her and invade her privacy.

Basically, he acts like a cross between a petulant child and every "Superman is a dick" joke ever produced.
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