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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

I saw "Irreversible". It's sort of like "Memento", but the first 40 minutes were completely unwatchable, which is a shame, because since the movie is backwards, they're supposed to be the pay-off or climax. I just had no idea what was going on for most of the first act and I quickly stopped caring, because the camera kept spinning 360 degrees while some insanely irritating melody played over and over again. Then there was the famous rape scene, which was well-shot, but went on WAY too long.

The last (first) scene of the couple being all intimate in the bedroom was the best one, and the only one with good directing, writing, and acting all at the same time. It just sucks that you have to get through a lot of scenes of boring chatter, infuriating dizzy spell-inducing camera spinning, and the endless headache-inducing rape to get to it.

I see what the director was trying to do, but he really went overboard with the shoddy camera work and dragged out that rape to unnecessary lengths. If he'd kept the excesses in check, it would have been a lot more admirable. It has respectable intentions mostly ruined by bad directing choices.
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