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Re: Typhon Pact: Seize The Fire review thread

^Well, you can't have a story that changes everything all the time; it would be unrealistic and repetitive. Besides, what's the point of having a progression if it doesn't have consequences? Progression isn't just about the events that cause change, it's about the aftermath of the change. Isn't a story that explores the long-term impact of a massive change at least as important as the story that depicts the change itself? Isn't the story depicting the change pointless if you never examine its consequences, if you just hurry forward to the next huge change that renders the last huge change moot?

I know that when I was reading Spider-Man comics regularly in the last few years before the Brand New Day reboot, I got sick of the constant Marvel-mandated Huge Events that changed everything every 12-18 issues. Since the storylines tended to be about 6 issues apiece, that meant that a new status quo barely had time to get established before another major change happened that either mooted, reversed, or ignored the previous major change. And so the changes had no real, lasting impact and it all felt kind of pointless. It was just a progression of desperate sales-grabbing gimmicks rather than a satisfactorily evolving narrative.

So depicting changes isn't enough. You have to take the time to show what those changes mean, to explore how they affect people's lives and the world they live in. You said you want to see stories that have impact on the universe, but doesn't that mean it's important to explore what that impact is? Destiny and A Singular Destiny depicted the biggest change in status quo in the history of Trek literature, but it means nothing if we don't actually see the effects of that change. And that's what Typhon Pact is all about.
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