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Re: Full story for Bryan Singer's planned SUPERMAN RETURNS sequel reve

The thing is the stuff with Brainiac feels kind of like left over plot attempts from the previous "Superman Lives" movie just retooled to fit in the "Superman Returns" world that Singer created. This plot sounds very much like what Warner Bros execs were wanting to do with the character. Remember one of the execs comments about wanting a "dark, angry Superman?" The tone of this plot would seem to reflect that comment. As much as it would be interesting to see Clark sacrifice his son in order to save the world (a similar thing happened at the conclusion of War of the Supermen where Clark had to let go of Chris Kent (Zod's son) whom he and Lois had adopted as their own back to the Phantom Zone and it was heartbroken. That was an example of how to do an emotional story without resorting to using dark overtones. I think Brian Peterson and Kelly Sounders would love this plot for being 'dark' and 'epic'!!!
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