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Re: "After 3:00 A.M. at Quark's"? What is this?

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It seems odd that a single Deep Space Nine track is realeased years after the show ended.
Well, years ago there was no iTunes - and one-off singles like this had little commercial value. But, as a cheap download, McCarthy can share lots of bizarre stuff. He's also done a single interpretation of John Barry's "Somewhere in Time" theme!

Other recent iTunes additions, by others, include a new version of "Ilia's Theme", two versions of the flute tune from "The Inner Light" and a new version of the opening theme of TAS.

Googling it brings up:
Wow, thanks for the info. I couldn't find anything using Google. But you are right, all these releases seem to be possible because of the advent of services like iTunes. It's good to see that some artists use it to release some of their more obscure works.

Maybe I'll get one of the other songs, too.
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