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Re: Typhon Pact: Seize The Fire review thread

Finished reading it and I gave it an ok rating. Good books make you want to read more ... this book didn't. Took me a few tries of picking it up and putting it down to finish it and felt more like a chore to finish. Like others I felt like a good opportunity was wasted with not depicting the Tuvok/ecosulptor and Riker/Karasrr scene. Other than that i have no other problems with this novel as a standalone book.

I do however, have a problem with the overall trend of these "Typhon Pact" novels. I was expecting a continuation of Zero Sum Game but Seize the Fire had next to nothing to do with it. in fact the Typhon Pact had very very little to do with Seize the Fire. Remove the words Typhon Pact from the novel, replace it with Gorn fleet and you instantly have a Titan standalone novel with little to no change in plot. The books appear to be episodic each featuring a specific Typhon Pact member and the Federation, which I feel is a terrible move. The writers should have gotten together and wrote an overall story arch spanning the entire Typhon Pact novels ... perhaps maybe something similar to its predecessor, the destiny novels, that drew us into wanting to read more on this Star trek universe.

I am disappointed. I had so much hope for these set of novels. ... I'll take it all back if the upcoming novels tie these books together
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