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I can't wait. Ever since reading the codex entry for Earth and driving the mako on the Moon, I've wanted to visit Earth. It's a pity that by the time I finally get there it will be a war-torn wasteland.

I just finished off a third playthrough of ME1/2 with an all-Paragon FemShep that saved the whole team... except for the crew, they all died. I plan to do one more before ME3 comes with an all-Renegade ManShep that gets almost all of his crew killed.

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I, for one, cannot wait to lead an interstellar taskforce comprised of turians, salarians, asari, geth, krogan, quarians, and rachni in a bid to defend Earth.
Hmm. In my main game I let the council die, so I probably can't count on the Asari, Turians or Salarians. And I took a neutral stance on the Quarian/Geth conflict, so they might be busy killing one another by the time of ME3. I did save the Rachni Queen and the genophage cure, so I might be able to count on the Rachni and Krogan. So I'll be saving Earth with the support of a small group of nearly extinct aliens, and aliens that enjoy killing each other.

Earth is doomed.
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