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Re: Inception - on DVD/ BR now

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the mind-bending use of dreams and how they "work."
What you said invites the same question I asked him, what is so "mind bending" about it all?
It probably "really" means something very different than how I treat it and even different than how others treat it but for me any movie that can get my imagination running in a manner that makes me think of time, space, reality and mentality is "mind bending."

The "Dream Time Dilation" thing I just love as it's just insane, crazy and just gets my mind spinning. To think that the entire last act of the movie takes place over a couple hours of "real time" (Yes it was 10-hour flight which was supposed to give them something like a week to do what they needed to do but the weaponized projections forced them to speed up their time table from a week to hours. Once the "mission" is over in "reality" everyone still had to hang around in the first dream-level for a week, avoiding the weaponized projections, to wait for the drug to wear off. It's my theory Cobb and Saito's time in "Limbo" did last the whole 10 hours which for Saito was for 200 years and Cobb was a few years. Killing themselves in Limbo allowed them to wake-up in the real world since all of the other dream levels were gone. Pure will and mental-strength allowed them to come out of the dream without their "brains going to jelly." I've theories on this, other aspects and even the above-posted link that I'll post later) but we pretty much see the action in "real time" from how everyone is experiencing it and then when the slow-mo drop of the van starts it's just nuts to me and I love that kind of stuff.

I liked the idea of manipulating "reality" inside the dream, the concept of Limbo, the concept of Cobb and Mal spending 50 years in Limbo, growing old together and then waking up with only hours having passed in Reality, the idea of implanting ideas in people (and the idea having to be very simple so the person thinks its their idea) how that idea caused Mal to question Reality and kill herself, why it has to be done so precisely (don't think of elephants), the Penrose Staircase (which I've a quibble about) and so much more.

Any movie that can make me just think and get my imagination running and think of different realities clashing with one another just bends my mind. To think that everything we see that happens in the last act occurs in the time it took the van to fall from the bridge and that, really, everything probably occured over a few minutes of flight-time.

Yeah. For me, that's enough to make a movie "mind bending" as it gets my mind racing and just thinking about how realities clash.
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