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Re: Inception - on DVD/ BR now

Wassail Drunk wrote: View Post
the mind-bending use of dreams and how they "work."
What you said invites the same question I asked him, what is so "mind bending" about it all?

I've seen guides online (such as this one) explaining how everyone is in one dream or another. Right. Ok. I get that. It's a complex scenario. Lot of ins, lot of outs. You have to pay attention. A lot of crime thrillers work like that. It's not unique.

Wassail Drunk wrote: View Post
their caper is a bit more complex than a straight-up heist. I mean they weren't breaking into th guy's mind to get secrets, to steal money or anything like that they were doing it to implant an idea in him and, further, they even made him part of the heist.
Maybe this is where I'm diverging from the people who really like the film. Is it the idea that they go into someone else's mind, or how they go about doing it that's the exciting bit. I mean, is it simply that they're in someone else's mind, and just that fact alone, that has caught people's attention so?

So far as this is set inside a dream world, apart from some slow motion and zero gravity work (oh yes, and the "train of thought" ) you don't feel like you're in a dream world. You're just in another place. The Matrix and (dare I say it) eXistenz managed getting across the unsettling idea of slipping between realities so much better.

After all this, I'm not saying the film was bad. I'm not saying it was average. As I said to my coworker, great film, very entertaining, glad I pre-booked to see it on the big screen. But that's it. Having the whole thing wash over me, I'm done. I don't need to trod through the whole thing again. It's just not a masterpiece. I went away thinking, technically well done, but that's it.

I never thought it was in any way as clever as I'm told I'm supposed to think it was. I don't see why you can't say that's it's very well made but still boils down to something pretty straightforward, with a little tweest in the ending.

And yes, a Daddy who works as a thief and hangs around with a mentally unstable fellow junkie? He's a dead beat, no matter how hard he wants to be back with his kids.
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