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Re: Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas--Community Discussion

I find this show very troublesome. I keep giving it a try because I know how much my fellow Internet pop culture junkies love it and I keep ending up being disappointed. Once in awhile, though, there is an episode that I really enjoy that seems to justify the online cult around the show. The paintball episode and the episode about the pen, for example. The show is just so inconsistent, though. There are weeks when I just get exasperated at its smartass tone, which prevents me from caring about the characters. Abed is a very annoying character too, with his motormouth schtick.

I liked this episode, though. I agree that the story was weak, but the animation was adorable and even as someone who has never watched "Lost", I really liked that pay-off (and pay-off joke). What I liked most were the little details like the Chevy Chase teddy bear squeaking whenever it walks. The girls were really well-designed too. They looked exactly like the actresses playing them.
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