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Re: Full story for Bryan Singer's planned SUPERMAN RETURNS sequel reve

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"Brainiac" - really, thats the name of the villian, a little pinky & the brain don't you think. It sounds just like something a comic book would do as a story and thats my problem with it because its so out of this world that the general movie audience probably wouldn't like it nor be interested in...Superman is such a costly film to make it needs find the right balance between pleasing the hardcore crowd and not scaring off the casual moviegoer.

Also the whole AI angle gives me bad Superman 3 feelings with a super computer.
I thought you watched Smallville. He was an antagonist on the show for a while, if we're talking recent incarnations of the character that the general public may be familiar with. Not to mention his numerous appearances in the various DC animated series/films. But, yeah, as Christopher pointed out, Brainiac has been a Superman villain for over 50 years.
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