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Re: Doctor Who Adventure Calendar 2010

Sorry for missing the past couple days.

December 8th

What it is: Part 1 of Matt Smith's Cracking Christmas Challenge:

When we caught up with the Doctor himself, Matt Smith, we got into the seasonal spirit with some yuletide questions, tasks and tests. Matt reveals his fave Christmas songs and movie and with the help of some prized props, he recalls moments from shooting the past series.
Available for non-UK fans? No.


December 9th

What it is: Part 1 of the Christmas themed story Snowfall, by Gavin Collinson.

Available for non-UK fans? Yes.


December 10th

What it is: Part 1 of Snowfall: Cold Snap, by Mark B. Oliver. It's the story that one of the characters began to tell at the end of Snowfall Part 1.

Available for non-UK fans? Yes.

Me and my family are going out of town tomorrow for about a week (Orlando ), but hopefully I'll be able to use my dad's laptop or my iPod Touch to update this thread every day. Even if it is just for two people.
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