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Re: Spider-Man movie (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Yeah I don't get that comment either. How can a movie not fill you with confidence when we know next to nothing about the plot of the film still. I don't get what the Stuart Baird shot was for either...Mark Webb directed the fantastic "500 Days of Summer" and while I've been wary about this project from the start the fact that he is directing made me hopeful. Andrew Garfield was suburb in "The Social Network" and stole several scenes in that movie. I didn't think he looked much like Peter Parker (either Ultimate or 616 versions) but his acting ability has proven that he will at least be a capable one.

I feel better when an actor knows about the part they are playing, the character's motivations, and stuff like that. He admits he's not familiar with the character and even seems to say he's not doing any preparing for the character, saying this is an action movie and he just needs to "strap in and go."

Sorry, that doesn't inspire with confidence.

As for the "Baird Comment" the guy's comments (Is that his name? Sci-Fi names mean nothing to me) reminds me of Baird's confusion on whether or not Geordi was an alien.
You do distinguish between a supporting actor and a director though, right? I mean, how much character development do you think Van Adder is going to get in this movie? He's not exactly Geordi LaForge, a character who had been in TNG episodes and movies for 13 years by the time of Nemesis.
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