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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

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Brooks did do a good job with that. He takes full advantage of the fact that it's possible to carry his version of the zombie infection for long enough to travel continental distances.

He also has his zombies be able to walk along the bottom of the ocean, which admittedly would make defending fixed points more difficult.
Wouldn't *anything* on the ocean floor be crushed by the water pressure? Certainly anything that had once been human.
Yeah, that's what I thought, too. Certainly the Zs don't need oxygen to survive, at least in the Max Brooks Universe ("Maxiverse"?), but all that water pressure should squeeze the Zs heads like zits, destroying the brain.

Walking across a bay or a river? I can see that. But not the deep, deep ocean. And how do they climb to the continental shelf? Gaping plot hole, Max.
There is a bit of a handwave by Brooks—getting turned into Zach changes the body's physiology so that it is able to withstand things that regular humans cannot. Such as internal fluids congealing to more of a gel, inexplicable resistance to rot\decay, and their ability to walk on the ocean floor. Does it make sense? Perhaps not, but he does at least acknowledge it.
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