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Re: Inception - on DVD/ BR now

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@The Squire of Gothos...I've never read or heard of your take on the movie before but as Trekker stated yeah it's a little simplified. Cobb was hardly a "dead beat dad" if he was he wouldn't care about getting back to them would he? You'd have to classify Cobb as a junkie too and not just label Mall as one since they were both hooked on their dream reality. I disagree with your notion that this is a straight heist film. There are too many complex notions and interesting character relationships for "Inception" to be labeled as one particular genre.
Hell, the entire cast are "junkies" under his interpretation.

Now, it seems the "idea" seems to be that dream-sharing is supposed to be a little bit of a "drug" this is mostly evident in Yusuf's lab where he talks about "sharp stuff", people coming there to "wake up." The idea being that it's something of an Opium Den. And the whole thing of the dream "sharing" is treated as such, giving Ariadne a "free sample" before she decides she has to come back for more, etc. But a lot of it is because the dream-world is "pure creation" and the vividness and lucidity of it all is powerful.

So I could see the "dream sharing as a drug" angle... Maybe. But it's still sort of dishonest.

But, yeah, Cobb wasn't a "dead beat dad" and their caper is a bit more complex than a straight-up heist. I mean they weren't breaking into th guy's mind to get secrets, to steal money or anything like that they were doing it to implant an idea in him and, further, they even made him part of the heist. So it's a bit more complex than a straight-up "heist movie."

So it has elements of a "drug movie" and "heist movie" but it also has all of these other elements in it that makes it a bit more wilder than that.
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