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Re: Inception - on DVD/ BR now

The film is a subject of heated discussion in our office, where one of the temps has picked up the box set and not really let us stop hearing about it.

I tried to make him see that Inception is just a pretty straight forward heist movie, and nothing more special than that. It features a dead beat dad, trying to get back his kids after his junkie wife topped herself. Some corporate suits employ him to (and here's the special bit) not steal something but instead lead another emotionless suit to a location where he can pick up some bogus information.

Instead of plush hotels or mountain top lairs, we get (and here's the other special bit) locations that are in other people's minds! Except that the insides of their minds don't look all that different from those plush hotels or mountain top lairs.

And in the end we wonder if the "hero" managed to get away with his prize/out of limbo or, if we accept what I've been told is Nolan's version of events, that it doesn't matter anyway because it's all about whether Cobb is happy or not.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it, but I was left feeling like I felt after watching "There Will Be Blood". After the slightly too loud music is all done, is there anything left to enjoy?
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