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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

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Having said that, I do agree that really, you would need mass infection throughout the population, then the zombie stage later, in order for this to get really out of hand. Especially if people reanimate automatically on death, and it wasn't known at first. Hospitals might be the first places to get overrun, actually.
I agree. Something with a very, very long incubation period and easy transmission person-to-person could be endemic to the population before anyone even knew it existed. That would create the numbers needed to give the zombie plague a shot.
I don't haven't read the WD comic so I don't know their back story, but Brooks has the infection spring board from a few isolated cases to full blown pandemic by having it crop un in China first (more or less.) The idea being that the mindset of the Chinese authorities would be to try and suppress it rather than admit there's a problem. Nobody is given a chance to really study the condition and everyone is just told to keep quiet. Before you know it, infected organs from live donors are being smuggled into the west by the triads, blood stocks are tainted before anyone knows there's a horde shuffling their way into India.

What really struck me a plausible about WWZ was the placebo that some unethical pharmaceutical company sold as a working vaccine against "African rabies." Brooks basically had humanity dooming themselves as much as anything else.
Brooks did do a good job with that. He takes full advantage of the fact that it's possible to carry his version of the zombie infection for long enough to travel continental distances.

He also has his zombies be able to walk along the bottom of the ocean, which admittedly would make defending fixed points more difficult.

Romero has his zombies not cross water [at least until Land of the Dead] and I guess Brooks saw pretty clearly the huge strategic disadvantage that would give his zombie forces.
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