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^No, I never saw that one.
It aired on USA. It was different from the other attempts to cash in on PR's popularity in that it didn't borrow from any Japanese show; it was 100% American.

BTW, I really like actor Glenn Shadix in what I've seen/heard of him, but he really picked the wrong show to get involved with in that case (he voiced Nimbar, the Zordon-like mentor character).

Although I'd have to say Big Bad Beetleborgs was a strong contender for "worst of the bunch." I don't know what was going on there. It was on the tail end of the adapted-tokusatsu craze but was simultaneously trying to cash in on the Goosebumps craze, I think, hence the haunted-house element, yet was also trying to tie into comic books and tone down the violence and make everything kid-friendly... so it was just a bizarre hodgepodge that I found almost unwatchable.
Yeah, it was weird in that respect. I still watched it, though. Well, for a while anyway. I stopped watching around the time they switched over to Metallix, but I don't remember why.

Heh, I remember one time when I was watching the show my sister walked in. She saw Flabber (the ghost) on the tv and commented how he looked like Jay Leno. I wasn't familiar with Leno at the time but since then I came to realize how true that was.

For whatever reason, Power Rangers was the only tokusatsu adaptation that really managed to work, to find a lasting formula for success, even through numerous changes of producers and owners.
Yep. Even Saban himself couldn't capture lightning in a bottle a second time.
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