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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

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What I want to hear is the show success will spawn a video game. I am dying for an open ended zombie genre co-op game...L4D doesn't count because its very linear and not ZOMBIES.

GRRR Can't believe I have to wait till October 2011 for season 2
That would be cool. A MMORPG.
I'd stand in line on release day for something like that. A free roaming zombie game along the lines of RDR, where its more important to move stealthily, avoiding zombies, and the ocassional crazed survivor as you gather food, potential weapons and gear and look for a safe place to hold up. Of course throw in optional travelling companions you meet along the way who can either be a huge help, just slow you down, or turn coward or lose it at the wrong moment and nearly get you killed.
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