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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

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Maybe the reason they took the show characters to the CDC is because it didn't happen in the comic, and people were wondering why. I mean, really, Rick made a ton of sense thinking that the CDC might still be up and running and have answers. It is their raison d'etre after all.
I have issues 1-6 which have letters columns, but issues 7-24 I only have in trade paperback format, which does not include the letters columns...but I would imagine people asked Kirkman, "Hey! Why didn't your peeps go to the CDC?" Perhaps they are retconning a missing development from the comic series. I know if I were in Rick's spot, I'd think a recon of the CDC would be a worthwhile trip before leaving Atlanta behind forever. Don't know if I would have taken the whole group just in case it turned out to be a dry hole, but I would have snooped-and-pooped across town to see for myself. He did see the helicopter when he arrived in the city, so SOMEONE was organized, and it stood to reason it might have been the CDC, which would certainly have taken the lead in this whole zombie apocalypse thing.

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One more thing I'm puzzled by. Shane pretty much watched govt troops hunting down and shooting innocent people like dogs in the opening scene. Yet he's all gung ho for the group to going rushing straight towards the nearest military base. The hell?
That's a good point.

I chalk it up to the craziness going on at the time. When they first showed the troops you could hear them say, "check them" before shooting. I'm thinking since they were right next to that door the troops panicked and thought they were going to be future Zombies and shot them. Notice after they shot them the real Zombies opened the door and said, "SURPRISE!" and ate the troops. Well they said it as well as a Zombie could which is more like "grrrrrrrrrr"

During the hospital scene you could see nurses and people moving with the military. They weren't all being lined up and shot. The hospital probably got attacked, the troops panicked, and then people just started shooting.

You could also hear them say, "fall back" over the radio. I think they were getting overwhelmed.

What's interesting is where are all the bodies when Rick woke up? Should have been a lot more in those hallways.

See how I rationalized it? Shane probably did the same thing.
I would imagine that whoever was giving the orders at that point, as well as the troops carrying them out, were scared shitless, several of their buddies had already gotten snacked upon, and they started shooting everyone who looked all bloody...including doctors and nurses wearing bloodstained scrubs from treating victims.

Or they just started opening fire when startled by the Zs coming in right behind them and devouring them...
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