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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

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Waiting to find out what Jenner whispered to Rick is going to drive me nuts until next season.
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I'll bet a box of donuts he told Rick that they're all infected and they'll zombify when they die, bitten or not. Remember? When they asked about the blood tests Jenner didn't say they were okay. He said, "No surprises." Either that, or that he watched his buddy try to rape his wife on the security cam.

The virus was probably dumped in the water supply or something. That's how it spread and the first walkers appeared. There had to be a first zombie who wasn't bitten. It makes sense.
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dang it!!!!!!!! they did leave it with a cliffhanger wtf did jenner say!
If you really want to know what it is....

Lori is pregnant!!!

Remember Jenner did blood tests, and he only told Rick this. If it were something zombie related he would have told the others also. Yes, he did tell Rick earlier that there were no big surprises with the blood tests, but that is when he was planning to kill everyone, after he decides to let them go he then tells Rick.
I don't know how to the little "spoiler alert" bar, so I just gotta say it.

*************** SPOILER ALERT****************

Yes, I believe Jenner discovered Lori was pregnant. She was pregnant in the comic book series, and it was all up in the air whether or not the baby was Rick's or Shane's (for that matter, we don't know even in the comic series, much less the AMC show, if Lori and Shane were screwing even before the Rise so it could date from then...we do know that Lori and Rick were having some issues before he was shot) before it all became a moot point for the gang.

But I would hazard a guess that (1) Jenner told Rick that Lori was pregnant and (2) that he saw Shane get nasty with Lori on a video circuit; being a smart guy, he put two and two together even if he didn't have the sound turned up on that particular camera. I would even go so far as to venture that Andrea might also be pregnant with Dale's child. In the comic series they are an item, though she does not conceive. Jenner might even have told Andrea she was pregnant, thus causing the in-shower crying jag we witnessed; then again, she might just have been crying with the stress of all she had been through, now that she was in a position of relative safety and able to let loose.
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