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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

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I think World War Z plays up the scenario that the US lacked the political will to do anything in terms of a measured, reasoned military response because they were in full-on 'deny' mode well into the zombie crisis.
The chapter covering the Battle of Yonkers is definitely worth checking out. It's a very plausible scenario on how the military could FUBAR the whole thing up.
i just read that...and yeah, some "great" ways to explain how our forces were hurt.

i would also add a couple of other things:

overzealous/callous soldiers who who shoot bitten (but not dead) kids, and doing so in front of their loved ones.

That would make some poeple snap, and maybe blame ALL military for that killing, and then take out the soldiers unexpectedly. ("You killed my baby! She was just a little sick. What? We , eat this!")

So then while the living are taking out each other, the Walkers "sneak in" and take care of them both.

i think the TV show has given hints of how the zombies took over. For example, in Vatos, G explains how the world then and now, had manypeople who preyed on the weak. Some of them might even be bold enough to steal form soldiers.
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