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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

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Dumb luck works for me, except it leaves one niggling little problem. There should be thousands of people still alive all over the place. Every little solidly built farmhouse, every little remote area, people should be holed up everywhere. But instead we have almost no one alive. It is poor writing.

As to Zombie(it almost feels like he feels he has a personal stake in the argument, I'm sorry Mr. Darabont I take it all back, zombies will be the extinction event of mankind) if my "drivel" is so painful, skip or ignore my posts, I don't mind.

I choose not to ignore shoddy writing or use that weakest of arguments, "Its just a TV Show!" I'm a horrible human being obviously. C'est la vie.
i think it's poor interpretation. Have you thought about this:

How much gas would it take to visit all of those remote areas?

There's no guarantee that people will be there. Some, as we have seen, have already committed suicide. Others may still have a family member die anyway (such as a heart attack).

Many of the survivors may be in other areas of the country...whoch is pretty big.

Also, like they said in Vatos, there ARE survivors we haven't seen. But they're runing around in hiding, trying to TAKE rather than help. They won't be on the radio trying to HELP anyone else!

If you need a rational explanation for irrationality on the screen, you're in the right place. TrekBBS has hundreds of experts who justify the inconsistencies and unexplainables of the Trek universe. Surely we can do so here.
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