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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

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All I would like is some throw-away line about why our disorganized, in-fighting, leaderless, ill-equipped heroes have survived where an organization ideally suited to surviving has not.
I can sum it up in two words - Dumb Luck.

They were late to Atlanta, and being late, managed to be kept out of the city when the dead overwhelmed the living. They found a wooded area near the city, where they were lucky enough to have a pizza delivery guy with them who knew where to find shit, and he foraged for supplies.

The fact that they lost a significant number of their group in a zombie attack they should have been prepared for shows they are not masters of survival.

The only character we have met that seems to know how to survive in this world is Morgan. If Rick hadn't met him first, he'd be dead.
Dumb luck works for me, except it leaves one niggling little problem. There should be thousands of people still alive all over the place. Every little solidly built farmhouse, every little remote area, people should be holed up everywhere. But instead we have almost no one alive. It is poor writing.

As to Zombie(it almost feels like he feels he has a personal stake in the argument, I'm sorry Mr. Darabont I take it all back, zombies will be the extinction event of mankind) if my "drivel" is so painful, skip or ignore my posts, I don't mind.

I choose not to ignore shoddy writing or use that weakest of arguments, "Its just a TV Show!" I'm a horrible human being obviously. C'est la vie.
You all need to give it time.

The first five episodes cover essentially the first four comics. I don't count the CDC episode since that wasn't in the comics.

They meet plenty of people in the future. They get better at handling Zombies and securing their "camps".
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