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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" storyline revealed?

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Also, Nolan seems to have an aversion to heavily-costumed, more gimmicky villains...
Like the Joker?
He heavily toned down the gimmicky stuff with The Joker, though. No laughing gas, acid squirting flowers, and lethal joy buzzers, for example. I think Firefly is by definition too gimmicky and heavily-costumed for Nolan to tone down without radically changing the character. The guy wears a goofy helmet/mask, shoots fire, and flies around, doesn't he?

Regading this speculation about a mob representative to pick up where Falcone and Maroni left off, I would LOVE to see Rupert Thorne. Any nods to "Batman: The Animated Series" are always welcome. I know the character appeared in the comics before that show, but given what a big role he played in the series and how excellently played and written he was there, I'll always associate him with it. I wouldn't mind if they threw in Harvey Bullock too.
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