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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" storyline revealed?

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I like that suggestion. I wasn't really meaning plot wise though, I was really talking about appearance and personality. I also got the impression that this version of Carmine had no children...of course just because it wasn't mentioned in either film doesn't mean he didn't. The depiction of the film version of Carmine seems different than in the graphic novels his based on but that's just my own personal beef.
Alberto could be a brother rather than a son. Regardless, a mobster working in the vacuum left by Dark Knight makes sense. I could handle the Penguin, so long as it's merely a nickname given a mobster known for being cold as ice - spare me short, squat fellows with umbrellas.

I would assume part of the "Prey" rumor is because that story includes a minor role for Catwoman, such a rumor seems to imply that she will make an appearance in the movie - though whether as a side character or main character, who knows.

As for Talia, I wouldn't count her out yet, though I think it's wrong to assume there will be any love interest at all in a third movie. There might be, but I doubt Nolan considers it requisite (Rachel was hardly a traditional love interest in teh first two movies), especially if he can appease the studio's desire for sex appeal by having a female villain or two.
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