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The series have always felt a bit cheap and the costumes....well theyre not exactly amazing imho. The movie costumes were a real step up. Why didnt they continue (even into the 2nd movie) with those armoured suits? They looked really good.
Because the movie suits were crap and fell apart during the filming of the movie.
Using them in the second movie wouldn't have worked anyway, because it was in the same continuity as the show, not some irrelevant alternate world adventure like the first movie.
^ This. The Red Ranger outfit from the movie is on display in a store at Disney World, and it's clearly seen better days. One wonders if they LITERALLY put it through a grinder in the interm for some reason, or they simply fell apart due to shoddy construction.

I'm long-since removed from watching anything PR, and SPD was the last season I really liked. I'm glad it's coming back though, it somehow feels comforting to have around and know people are enjoying it, even if I'm not. Kinda like The Simpsons. :P

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Oh, I like that Trek thing too...
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