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I thought the Ranger costumes from the first MMPR movie were hideous. The helmets in particular were badly proportioned and lacked the elegance of the originals.

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Bad example. Mork was always real. He only made Richie think it was a dream. Remember, after Richie wakes up, Mork shows up at the Cunningham's door pretending to be somebody (a guy asking for directions or something). After that we see him making his call to Orsen.
That was a retcon after the fact.
In the original ABC broadcast of this episode, the last scene where we saw Robin Williams was when he appeared as a normal guy on Richie's porch after he woke up from his dream. The episode ended with some gag at Arnold's about UFOs. When ABC ran that episode for the second time the following August, after Mork & Mindy was announced for the fall schedule, they added a scene at the end. Mork talks to Orson and tells him that he made everyone forget about him, let Fonzie go, and was heading off for a mission in the year 1978.
I saw the episode when it was first broadcast, and it definitely ended as a dream. I distinctly remember being aware of the contradiction when it was announced that Mork was getting his own spinoff. The only thing I didn't remember was that they later added a new scene to the Happy Days episode to reconcile it. Maybe I never saw the rerun.
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