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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

Caliburn24 wrote: View Post
Due to the families in the show being largely intact, it seems a reasonable assumption to assume that whatever causes "zombie-ism" is not air-born. You get scratched or bit by a walker and you turn into one, simple enough.
Every single person on the planet in the comic book is infected with the Zombie cells. I won't say virus anymore because virus is the wrong word.

You die of any cause you come back a Zombie. (unless your death involves having your brain destroyed)

Caliburn24 wrote: View Post
I served in the United States Army in Iraq, I had bad guys shoot at me, try to blow me up and mortar me all day long. There is no way a bunch of brainless shambling walkers are going to destroy any country with a modern military. It just ain't gonna happen.
Shock and awe. Plus sheer numbers on the Zombie side.

Bombs don't work. You can't attack the Zombie general because there isn't one. You can't even use chemical weapons.

The Zombie is truly an Army of One.

Throw in that a significant chunk of our armed forces are over seas plus you've all been trained to fight humans and you may have a problem.

Let's just use Atlanta as an example. Everyone in it is infected. Several million walkers. Our engineers could throw a ring of hesco barriers around the city in a day or two, topped with concertina wire with a scoped rifleman posted every quarter mile or so. Every few miles we set up a kill zone. One Bradley fighting vehicle equipped with speakers playing music to suck in the walkers. Our standard loadout in a Bradley(in the Armored Cav anyways) was 1500 rounds for the 25mm, and 2200 7.62mm for the co-ax. With the optics on the Brad every shot can be a dead on kill shot. And we can sit in place for three days or so running on just our internal fuel.

My scout platoon of six Brads and thirty soldiers could thus kill 22,200 walkers using just our vehicle combat loads. Plus another 6,300 from our personal rifle loads. All done while totally impervious to attack.
Doesn't do any good when your supply lines are mangled by Zombies. Or when you run out of ammo and gas. Or when soldiers start thinking of their families.

And sure you've got Atlanta roped off but what about all the other cities?

The Fatman wrote: View Post
I always found the idea of the zombie plague spreading too fast for a reasoned military response to be plausible. I think it's reasonable to assume that you would have at least 48 hours of confusion wherein a large portion of your population is taken down/infected.
I think it would be longer then 48 hours. If only because politicians don't want to get on TV and say, "The dead are coming back to life to eat you."

Caliburn24 wrote: View Post
Plus, almost every rural house in the USA has at least one firearm with some ammo. By conservative estimates there are over 300 million guns in the USA, call it one per person. Billions upon billions of rounds of ammunition.
I'd bet there are millions of Zombies with bullet holes on them except for the one place a bullet should be: the head.

Caliburn24 wrote: View Post
But the survivors we get in the show are a diverse group of idiot rednecks, academics, hippys, and a pair of cops? (Oh, and don't get me started on the Hispanic janitors guarding the retirement home) With what, 3-4 guns at the start, and a seemingly weak survival instinct at best? Those are the people who survive the zombie apocalypse? Hell no.
There are other survivors.

Caliburn24 wrote: View Post
The zombies couldn't get into a department store for seemingly hours, and you want me to believe that they overran the military and all those kooky militia groups out there?
Yeah. Because the military didn't understand how to effectively fight Zombies. Had they know they would have been on the roof of the Department store shooting Zombies from the top instead of being on the street level with millions of Zombies attacking them.

There comes a point where sheer numbers will overwhelm any force. Zombies don't run and hide. They don't have strategy and tactics. They don't surrender. They don't stop. They simply come at you like tsunami.

Caliburn24 wrote: View Post
I have a really tough time buying into that premise.
Then stop watching. Are we going to have to go through the whole series with you complaining?

PKerr wrote: View Post
Even if you ran out of ammo with the tank, just close the doors and drive, DUh!!!
The M-1 Abrams is a fuel hog. What do you do when you can't get fuel because the un-armored trucks get over run by Zombies?

PKerr wrote: View Post
The thing that cracks me up is every time one of the survivors runs past a dead soldier they never pick up their guns.
Oh screw that nifty M-16, M-60, AR15 just laying there, I'm sticking with my shovel, Ax, pickax, cross bow or whatever.
On this I would agree but they really didn't have time in front of the CDC to grab these things since the building blew up and no doubt attracted the attention of every Zombie for 30 miles to start heading towards the CDC.

Jax wrote: View Post
Am guessing it began as airbone infecting most of the population of America and maybe even the world. A certain % of those infected came down with a fever and died while others did not. Then of course the millions already dead would return as zombies and then overwhelm most cities and towns before any military effort could get brought together not too mention how many of the US army (not aboard) would of been killed during inital outbreak. Even then the US military could not of covered all of America and would of been spread thin...Supply lines to get ammo everywhere and supplies etc it gets worse and of course that nots counting people who just ran away from the army out of being scared.

not perfect but good enough it does need addressing in the show however.
This is actually perfect and makes the most sense. The Zombie stuff spreads through out the population like the flu. Lot's of people get sick and die and come back. Of course others dying from non-Zombie deaths come back too.

Throw in bureaucratic slowness in understanding what they are truly facing and the world collapses.

Caliburn24 wrote: View Post
A shambling mass of brainless human flesh motivated purely by instinct? I'm sorry, that threat is insignificant compared to fighting actual human beings.
Yeah but whens the last time you fought 10,000 human beings at the same time? And by that I mean you personally versus all 10,000. (I just pulled 10,000 out of the air but it could be thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions)

Caliburn24 wrote: View Post
I just want some reasonable explanation for how civilization falls with all its mighty armies and massive resources. Yet our ten or so idiots in a magical self-repairing RV survive, all while bickering and beating each up, not noticing the machine guns laying all around or even having the good sense to fort up in a remote hard walled building somewhere.

I like the show more than almost anything else on TV at the moment, but there is a reality disconnect that is jarring for a show trying to stay so grounded and realistic.
They repaired the RV. Eventually they get to "fort up" but I just know you'll complain about that.

With all that said I think in real life in order for a "zombie plague" to have a chance of overwhelming the world it would have to be like Jax said. Everyone gets infected and then a significant chunk of people get sick and die. Enough people to overwhelm any response. Even then humanity would survive in much better shape then is shown so far in the Walking Dead or other Zombie movies.

Other then that scenario we are too well versed in the ways of the Zombie. We know what to do.

Man could you imagine the two plus billion people in China and India turning into Zombies? Now that would be a survival nightmare.
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