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Re: Is Netflix a Rip-off?

^^^ Wondering the exact same thing!

I too have been going with Netflix since not long after they started and, aside from a small throttling problem for frequent rentals, I have no complaints.

I've recently started watching instant movies on XBox 360 and I understand they want to move towards that kind of viewing and away from DVD mailings - cheaper to do. I'm good with that, however I noticed that stuff that I remember seeing online earlier in the year is now no longer available for viewing now. Like the remastered Trek TOS series, for example. In fact, I also noticed that listings like First Contact and several other titles are only available through January 1, 2011! It's December and the classic movie "Christmas Story" is listed as only available on DVD!

Now, I don't get something - if they want people to start using their online service, why are they intentionally limiting their selections like this? Can't be storage - terabytes are cheap to purchase now and just about everyone has some kind of broad-band. So what gives? Anyone know?
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