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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" storyline revealed?

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The use of Falcone or Thorne would make me happy...although I can't really see someone like Alberto working after the depiction of Carmine in "Batman Begins". That'd be interesting to see Nolan make work.
Simple: Alberto Falcone, angry over what happened to Carmine Falcone, decides to take back the Falcone crime family and by extension the hold on the mob. It would mirror Dark Victory and especially since the mob factions are sort of in chaos after the events of The Dark Knight, leaving a vacuum where Falcone and Maroni once were, it would make sense for competing mobsters to try and take back control.

Alberto Falcone would be a logical piece of the puzzle, probably more so than Black Mask or even The Penguin (even though he would fit as another mobster vying for mob control as well).
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