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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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What a strange season this year, eh? Bayern nowhere, Bremen nowhere, Schalke nowhere, Stuttgart, HSV, Wolfsburg nowhere; and BVB really looks like the favourite to take the title now - who'd have thought that before the start?...
I don't think anyone could have predicted that. It's so odd.

I did think Schalke overachieved last season, but basically fighting relegation for half a season?

Stuttgart is just the usual though. For three seasons now, they struggle first half of the season and then go on a tear. Will be interesting to see if they continue that (almost-)tradition.

Bayern without Robben struggling is also no surprise to anyone who's seen them last season, but struggling this much?

And Dortmund is just awesome. I'm not exactly a Dortmund fan, but I appreciate a good side and they're playing really well and with such a young team! I think in their last game the second oldest in the starting eleven was 26, youngest average age ever for a Dortmund.
They were basically broke a couple years ago, had to focus on young talent and it paid off very well for them. Of course, averaging 80,000 at home does mean they get regular income.

I like Jürgen Klopp as well. Here's a nice "interview" with after their 4-0 away win in Hanover:

I haven't given up hope in the Bundesliga, I mean we were 16 points behind third place last season with 14 matches left to play and still got there, but that was quite unusual as well.
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