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A Friend in Need was intended to be a crossover when it was made, but since they never made a show featuring the Masked Rider who met the Power Rangers, there was never anything for it to crossover over with.
Err, yes, they did. Saban's Masked Rider ran for a full season on FOX.

Power Rangers in Space also did a crossover with Saban's Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation, though it's probably best to forget that.
And you didn't think it was best to forget Saban's Masked Rider? LOL

Two things I liked about the PR/Masked Rider pilot:
1. We finally met a superhero in the PR verse that otherwise wasn't connected to the Rangers at all. It added a great sense of variety to a universe they were the only rangers; this was before the Alien Rangers, and even then, they were Rangers. I like variety, and it was neat to see that

2. Though Tommy and Rocky were holding back, the show essentially (and perhaps unintentionally) maintained the unspoken rule in Japan that Kamen/Masked Rider = one Sentai/Power Ranger team, or at least multiple sentai/ranger heroes. The real world logic would be that the stunts and feats we see attributed to an entire team of Rangers would be essentially duplicated and compressed into one Rider b/c of the nature of the Rider show. In the PR/MR episode, Masked Rider fought pretty evenly with the combined Red Ranger & Sixth Ranger, traditionally the two strongest rangers (I say traditionally because I don't think Rocky was supposed to have that status despite being Red, but hey, go with me here).
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