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The first official crossover episode in the PRU was Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 3's "A Friend in Need", which was a crossover with the yet-to-be-launched Masked Rider, Saban's 'Americanized' version of Kamen Rider.

The full list of PRU crossover eps is as follows:
"A Friend in Need" (Parts 1-3) [Mighty Morphin Power Rangers]
"Rangers of Two Worlds" (Parts 1-2) [Power Rangers Zeo]
"Shell Shocked" [Power Rangers in Space]
"Always a Chance" [Power Rangers in Space]
True Blue to the Rescue" [Power Rangers in Space]
"To the Tenth Power" [Power Rangers Lost Galaxy]
"The Power of Pink" [Power Rangers Lost Galaxy]
"Trakeena's Revenge" (Parts 1-2) [Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue]
"Time for Lightspeed" [Power Rangers Time Force]
"Reinforcements from the Future" (Parts 1-2) [Power Rangers Wild Force]
"Forever Red" [Power Rangers Wild Force]
"Thunder Storm" (Parts 1-2) [Power Rangers Dino Thunder]
"History" [Power Rangers S.P.D.]
"Wormhole" [Power Rangers S.P.D.]
"Once a Ranger" (Parts 1-2) [Power Rangers Operation Overdrive]

"True Blue to the Rescue" started the trend/tradition of the current team of Rangers teaming up with their immediate predecessors (either in part or in full), while "Always a Chance" started the trend/tradition of the current team of Rangers teaming up with Rangers who were not their immediate predecessors (a trend continued in "Forever Red" and "Once a Ranger").

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Seasons 1 and 2, Power Rangers Turbo, Power Rangers Ninja Storm, Power Rangers Mystic Force, Power Rangers Jungle Fury, and Power Rangers RPM did not feature crossover episodes of any kind.
While Mystic Force never featured a ranger crossover, they did have Ziggy-the street hood alien from SPD, show up and encounter the MF gang, establishing his presence on Earth.
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