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A Friend in Need was intended to be a crossover when it was made, but since they never made a show featuring the Masked Rider who met the Power Rangers, there was never anything for it to crossover over with.
Err, yes, they did. Saban's Masked Rider ran for a full season on FOX.
I know all about Saban's Masked Rider. I even watched it as a kid. So trust me, I know that the guy on that show never met any Power Rangers.

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2) I called "A Friend in Need" a crossover, but, technically, it's more of a 'backdoor pilot' of sorts, since it was aired/produced prior to the beginning of Masked Rider, and introduced the characters of Dex, Dregan, and Dregan's army, and set up Dex's reasons for heading to Earth, as seen in Masked Rider itself.
You were more or less right until you said "as seen in Masked Rider itself". What happened in the MR show had absolutely nothing to do with what happened in A Friend in Need. While AFiN was originally intended to be a backdoor pilot, during production of MR Saban decided to keep the show in its own separate continuity (due to PR's declining popularity at the time). Just watch the first MR episode, and this will become quite obvious.

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