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Two things:
1) RPM's original showrunner, Eddie Guzelian, and its chief writer, John Tellegan, both stated that the season took place in a separate continuity from the rest of the PRU, but it is also possible to place the season in the mainstream PRU at some point between the years of 2025 (S.P.D.) and 3000 (Time Force); the reason for placing RPM before Time Force is because it explains the existence of the wastelands outside Millenium City (TF's base of operations) as revealed in Reinforcements from the Future.

2) I called "A Friend in Need" a crossover, but, technically, it's more of a 'backdoor pilot' of sorts, since it was aired/produced prior to the beginning of Masked Rider, and introduced the characters of Dex, Dregan, and Dregan's army, and set up Dex's reasons for heading to Earth, as seen in Masked Rider itself.
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