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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - A Marathon Re-visit.

THE SWARM - 3x04 - 4/5

First of all, Picardo is an amazing singer. Now onto the episode.

So it seems that apparently in this episode, Starfleet rules don't matter to Janeway? This would be okay if it sets a precedent. I am concerned it won't though.

The dilemma in this story with The Doctor is interesting: save the doc vs. save the person. It's a solid enough premise, especially for what is essentially the B plot.

Now whilst I don't care too much about the A story, at least this is more on track plot-wise (i.e. trying to get home).

This is a nice Kes/Doc episode and much better than Season 2's 'Projections'. I am blown away that such a major change was made to the doctor at this stage in the show, however I am curious to see if this carries through to the next episode. Of course, this doesn't mean I will punish this episode for a later lack of continuity, and as such, I am going to give this episode a 4.
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