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Re: Anyone else think they should have left the Borg well enough alone

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VOY finding an ancient teleport machine would be no more contrived than Crichton receiving wormhole information in his mind from a random encounter with aliens or the Stargate SG-1 folks finding out that the secret superweapons they search for were on Earth all along.
True, it wouldn't be. INVENTING one all of a sudden would. That's the main problem with the "telepathy amplifier" thing.

TNG and DS9 didn't stay in the confines of existing elements of Trek when they created the Borg and the Dominion. They simply added new elements. VOY would just use their existing psychics and such in a way...
A way that has NOT been established in any way shape or form. DS9 created the Dominion as a new antagonist and invested in it a series of characteristics that would come into play as the story developed, and TNG (arguably) did the same with the Borg. It would be another thing if they invented the Dominion, invested in them a certain number of known characteristics (expansionist, totalitarian, hostile, uncompromising and amazingly manipulative), then had the Dominion suddenly show up in the Alpha Quadrant and avert the entire conflict over the course of a single episode by saying the only reason they're so hostile is because they have a shortage of coffee and the Federation has plenty to spare (which, IIRC, is basically how Voyager resolved the ongoing threat from 8472).

When DS9 did the Dominion War they had the entire Trekverse to play with, and lots of cannon fodder to sacrifice to the Dominion. It also didn't cost much since the only new designs they had to make were the Dominion ones, the Breen and the Defiant. Everything else was recycled from TNG and FC. VOY didn't have any cannon fodder to sacrifice, they were always just one tiny insignificant vessel, and their enemies were far stronger and superior to the Dominion. The 8472 were too costly to use as well.
Then they shouldn't have used 8472 and should have stuck with the Borg. It otherwise makes no sense whatsoever to introduce totally new story elements at huge expense and dramatic implication, only to be used once, and then specifically for the purpose of nullifying another story element that you don't feel like dealing with.

It's like investing in a 4 million dollar prop just so you can have a story where your main character cures his cancer with an alien device he found in the desert, just because you don't want to have to write a story about a cancer patient (or, for that matter, aliens). If you don't have the chops for it, you probably shouldn't have given him cancer in the first place, let alone gone and invented some deus ex machina to get rid of it.

The BSG folk had the excuse that they only had one warship and too many unarmed vessels to risk a battle. Once they had the Pegasus they started blasting the Cylons to scrap (until the reset button destroyed it). VOY was an armed vessel so running from everything would make them cowards.
You forget that Galactica and Pegasus only went on the offensive TWICE, once as a way to prevent the Cylons from following them and once as a means to enable them to START RUNNING again.

OTOH, Voyager spent a considerable amount of time running from INFERIOR enemies for reasons that were never adequately explained (the Kazon, for example). If you can't run from the Borg, who can you run from?

Kirk and Picard never ran
ROFL! Yes they did! They ran all the time! Even Picard ran from the Borg when his weapons weren't effective, and no one in Trek fandom has EVER accused him of cowardice for it. Kirk ran from the Romulans on two separate occasions, he ran from the Capellans in "Friday's Child," he ran from the Gorn, he ran from Trelane both on foot AND on the Enterprise. He tried to run from the Fesarius, but Balok wouldn't let him.

That's what people do when they're about to get their asses kicked, they RUN LIKE HELL. Standing your ground against a clearly superior foe when you have nothing to gain in doing so isn't courage, it's incompetence.

Evasion never works with the Borg anyways
Except when it does, as it did in "I, Borg" and multiple instances even in Voyager. Evading them (not outrunning them) is indeed possible, in fact it doesn't seem overly difficult in the short term.
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