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Re: Writing Challenge- The winning entries.

He sat in the cell, listening to the hum of the forcefield, his eyes closed and his body relaxed. Enbak Broca, once a hated minion and traitor, a man who had climbed the dazzling heights of legateship, was now just a prisoner of the state.

This, as far as he was concerned, was a perfect justice.

He heard the sound of several boots approaching his location and as he forced his eyes awake, he saw who had come for him. “It’s time” said Castellan Damar softly.

Broca gracefully stood up and walked to the entrance to his cell patiently awaiting his fate. He looked towards the newly elected leader of Cardassia with expectancy, sure that he wasn’t going to have to wait long for the verdict.

He was right.

A scarce few years ago and Damar would have gleefully shot dead the man in front of him with no moral disquiet and then dumped the body in a landfill outside the capital. Now, he found that he honestly regretted the news that he had to bring.

“You have been found guilty of the following charges by a supreme tribunal of the Cardassian Union. Firstly that you did, with malice aforethought, collude in the deaths of over two million Cardassian citizens. Secondly that you did knowingly collaborate with a foreign power in the subjugation of the Union and her citizens. And finally for the crime of leading Cardassia in a war of aggression against the entire Alpha Quadrant. The sentence for which is death.”

At that last Damar met Broca’s glance with an apologetic look. Both men knew that there was an expedient hypocrisy in these brutal charges, Damar had led the Union for a longer period than Broca and his hands were just as stained with the blood of the innocent.

Unfortunately since the true architect of this disaster, Skrain Dukat, was missing from the known universe; someone had to be the scapegoat for this terrible failure.

Damar was now an icon to his people, his fate and cruel punishment was to live for them, a burden that he had happily embraced.

As had Broca, who finally welcomed his own destiny in the grand scheme of things. He calmly crossed over the threshold and took the first steps into glory.

Legate Enbak Broca had found his Place.

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