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Re: Writing Challenge- The winning entries.

Thank Oralius that the treaty signings went off without a hitch, thought the new head of the Cardassian Central Command, makes my job a whole lot easier. Not that it would be a barrel of laughs anyway, as Verak Dijmas was just finding out for himself.

Sighing softly to himself, the newly minted Legate studied the complicated arrangement on the main viewer. He saw the Union, bruised and shaken by war but undeniably, indefatigably whole.

This meant that the overstretched fleet had to work itself to the bone in maintaining the order and sovereignty of their territory, a task made somewhat less onerous by the success of the Dorvan V treaty. The DMZ was no more, with all the Federation colonies either rejoining the UFP or establishing themselves as independent entities, meanwhile the Cardassian worlds had all opted to rejoin the Union with the surprising addition of several bordering worlds.

Already teams of Cardassian diplomats traveled to each sovereign world surrounding the Union hoping to achieve successful relations. If they follow Ambassador Garak’s successes then we should have a large measure of external security. Since foreign affairs were beyond his preview, the Legate turned his attention back to the trouble spots of his nation.

“Have Gul Erem take the Netork and the Betak to Harkourm and investigate any possible mercenary activities. Check with JaGul Occett on the status of our joint excises with Starfleet and I want hourly updates on that convoy headed to Europa Nova.”

He inhaled and prepared to bark out another string of orders when an amused voice stopped him in his tracks.

“You do know that it is not a requirement of a Legate to lose his voice do you? Believe me; I’ve dealt with more than a few in my time.”

Dijmas turned and smiled warmly at his friend and much needed ally.

“Akellen, I did not except to find you here today! What brings you to these dusty old halls?”

Gul Macet of the Second Order clasped his superiors hand firmly and grinned. To millions of people such a sight would have been distasteful and it would have filled them with disgust just to hear the merest sound of his voice. Luckily Macet was a far better man than his mysteriously disappeared cousin and he had gained the respect of many for his honesty and integrity.

“The Trager is undergoing further repairs and I thought that I would give my crew some much needed relaxation, plus there is the trial of course.”

Legate Dijmas felt a sour depression as he remembered the much publicised war crimes tribunal that began in several rotations. He had thrown himself into his work with abandonment even going so far as to avoid the trial of Weyoun and the other dominion leaders. He did not want to think about that day when he had seen his city in ruins...

Well, enough of this self pity Dijmas rebuked himself, time to get on with things; Cardassia was not rebuilt in a day! He looked at Macet and chucked. “I think that you might be one of the wisest men I know Akellen. Come, join me for some kanar and we shall talk of brighter things! How is young Mekor doing...?”
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