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Re: Writing Challenge- The winning entries.

Wikuon flinched unashamedly as another explosion tore through the bridge of the Battleship that he served on. He had no idea how any of this could have come to be, all he could see was the once mighty Dominion Expeditionary Force on the verge of suffering a massive defeat, and it was all due to those ungrateful Cardassians whose arrogant refusal to accept their place in the glory that was the Dominion which resulted in this humiliation.

He seethed inwardly as he recalled the three Galor class Destroyers that had crept up on his rear and then fired a volley of plasma torpedoes into the shield generators, crippling his vessel and forcing him to hide amongst the fleet. Not an easy task when you’re one of the largest ships around as the pack of Klingon,Romulan and Cardassian warships headed their way could attest to.

In an abstract way, he admired the Cardassian’s timing since it had expertly delivered near victory to the enemy and as one for whom betrayal and disloyalty were the bread and butter any successful coup de grace was enjoyable.

As long as it doesn’t happen to oneself, he considered wryly grabbing hold of the command podium in order to stabilise himself from the constant rocking of the behemoth around him. “Second” barked First Gen’khom, “order Breen squadron omega to provide cover for us while we affect repairs.”

The subordinate Jem’hadar worked the controls with practiced ease for a few seconds then, hissing with anger and a surprising level of fear turned to both the First and the Vorta administrator to make a troubling report.

“Long range communications from Headquarters are down again, I can’t hail the rest of the fleet. The Breen ships seem to be ignoring all other Dominion ships and are taking a course out of the battle.”

Wikoun refused to believe the ridiculous notion that the Second had essayed. “Preposterous!” he spat contemptuously. “Why would our allies abandon us?”

He used his personal viewer to scan the conflict zone, noting with dismay the ruined order of battle and the increasingly battered Jem’Hadar vessels. He saw the Breen fleet attempting to leave the battle at high impulse, fleeing like the untrustworthy gutless cowards that they truly were.

Stifling the automatic expletive that sprang to mind, Wikoun watched helpless as the Breen entered warp leaving the defenders of the Dominion to face an angry Alpha Quadrant alone. There was a certain joyless pleasure in watching the Breen taking horrendous losses in their retreat as it seemed that the aft impulse manifolds suffered an inconvenient susceptibility to weapons fire, something that the Alliance took impressive advantage of. Not to mention several of my more alert comrades mused the Vorta, having watched the Jem’hadar ships nearest to the Breen punishing them for such arrant treachery with a hail of polaron beams.

Once the war is over we’ll deal with that scum. Shaking all thoughts of the Breen from his head Wikoun ordered the First to move the ship closer to her remaining sister vessels.

“Still no news from HQ?” he asked, more in hope than expectation.
The Second shook his massive head. “No sir must be Cardassian sabotage again. I shall keep trying.”

Wikoun nodded, once again filled with pride in his Jem’hadar soldiers. “Very well, lock targets on...”

He stopped midsentence as he saw a crippled K’vort cruiser approaching the main engine casing of his once proud dreadnaught at full ramming speed.

“Never mind”

As the ship erupted in flames around him, Wikoun’s last thought was that given the circumstances, perhaps being the last clone of his line was for the best...

It had taken a few minutes but he had it down to a fine art form. Broca immediately sealed all the chambers throughout Central Command and quickly released a fatal dose of neurazine gas into each one. Unfortunately this meant the death of several other Cardassians but sadly this could not be avoided.

Once I’m finished here I shall be joining them he thought without any bitterness or recrimination. Other than that, he had fabricated instructions for all Dominion ground troops to remain in their barracks and prepare for any possible invasion attempts. What a blessing the Cardassian mind was.

With the Dominion in perfect disarray in both land and space Broca used one of the more obscure Cardassian encryptions to alert the troops that their oppressors had become completely vulnerable and open to sudden attack. Not that it was needed really, since the wanton destruction of Larkarin City had galvanised the revolutionaries massively but the welcome news that the Headquarters was out of commission had spread like wildfire and widespread assaults bedevilled the occupying forces. As an added element to the dance of death skipping across Cardassia, Broca unleashed the full power of the Central Defense Grid against the unsuspecting Dominion ships in orbit. All suffered existential loss within but seconds.

Broca found a triumphant laugh escaping from his chest as he watched the viewscreen in sheer delight, if this carries on, we shall be free very soon.

His smile became even wider when he realised just who was trying to get into the building.

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